High Spec Manufacturing, a large producer of heavy duty digger buckets and attachments, contacted the Manor technical sales team for a solution to a number of paint defects they had been experiencing for a number of years. The defects included early flash rusting, corrosion of the substrate after only a few months and problematic water marking of the finished film, which is often associated with faster curing one product application alkyd paint systems. 

Following a site visit and assessment of their production facility and process, the Manor technical sales team offered the perfect solution – Zinfos 800CT – a product which offers remarkable early water marking resistance and high levels of anti-corrosive pigmentation. The characteristics of Zinfos 800CT ensure products that require storage in less favourable conditions soon after coating has taken place, remain in fantastic finished condition. This allows the user to maximise throughput and gives confidence that finished goods will require little if any re-work upon completion.