Topcoats Single Pack

Offering a wide range of traditional style single pack modified Alkyd Topcoats ensures our customers select the most suitable product for their application process and end use.

The Topcoat range includes QD enamel topcoat systems through to more traditional 1K polyurethanes, commonly applied by brush and roller application.

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Features and Benefits

  • Excellent gloss retention 
  • High opacity 
  • Various gloss levels and finishes 
  • Excellent sag resistance 
  • Fantastic UV stability 
  • Wide range of colours
  • Various application methods and speed of cure 
  • Available as direct to metal and other substrates

Product Overview

The products listed below are representative of our vast product range. To request a Product Datasheet click here.

  • Fast Enamel

    Low odour, extended wet edge times, high gloss retention, good recoatability, ease of application

  • Synthetic Enamel

    Slow drying, high gloss, cost effective, high opacity, ease of application

  • QD Enamel

    Fast curing, high opacity, hard wearing, ease of application, self priming for certain applications

  • Hammer Finish

    Metallic hammered effect, gloss finish, direct to metal, fast curing, hides surface imperfections

  • Vinyl High Sheen

    Rapid cure, high performance, flexible film, gloss finishing coat for use over Hi Build Vinyl

  • Polyurethane

    Standard curing, white spirit based alkyd, high gloss finish, extended wet edge, ease of application, high opacity

  • QD Polyurethane

    Faster curing, white spirit based alkyd, high gloss finish, ease of application, high opacity

  • Chassis Paint

    Petrol and oil resistant, high gloss finish, ease of application, extended wet edge, fantastic opacity, jet black